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Coach comments

All currently known coach comments with their meanings are listed here. From each category listed, at the most one message per training report can be mentioned. The only exception is the Skill-Up category.

Skill level in primary trained skill  Tip
The coach gives a comment about the primary trained skill and mentions the current skill level, if you have a player who played at least 44 minutes in a training position and his current skill level is still unknown.

1 Name [X] was involved in many situations today, showing us his Skill level [Z] Skill [Y] ability.
2 Name [X] is probably Skill level [Z] at Skill [Y] at this moment in his development.
3 In this game, I studied Name [X]. His Skill [Y] is Skill level [Z] I would say.

Potential in secondary training  Tip
The coach mentions a player's potential for the secondary-trained skill, if this skill was still unknown, and the player played at least 44 minutes in a trainable position. Please note that you will not get a report about the secondary-trained skill, if you have chosen the same training type for primary and secondary training.

1 As we also train Skill [Y] I studied Name [X] during the game. I think he can become Skill level [Z] at that before leaving the academy.
2 I watched Name [X] during the game, and I would say he can reach Skill level [Z] at Skill [Y].
3 When it comes to Skill [Y], Name [X] has the potential to become Skill level [Z].

Potential in non trained skill
After the game, a non-trained skill will be picked randomly and the coach will tell you something about it. The probability that he will say something about the goalkeeper's skill is the lowest. He certainly will not say anything about set pieces. If in this skill at least one player still has unknown potential, he selects one of the players whose potential in this skill belongs to the three best, not yet revealed skills and mentions the potential.
1 On a side note, I couldn't help but notice that Name [X] can reach Skill level [Z] in Skill [Y].
2 You should know that Name [X] has the potential to become Skill level [Z] when it comes to Skill [Y].
3 I have some extra information for you regarding Name [X]. He can reach Skill level [Z] at Skill [Y].

If his current skill level is known, the coach mentions each skill up from a player in this skill.
1 Name [X] keeps developing, his Skill [Y] ability is now Skill level [Z]. It's good to know our work has had an effect.
2 This week I noticed that Name [X] has improved significantly. His Skill [Y] ability is Skill level [Z].
3 Name [X] has responded well to the Skill [Y] sessions we organized this week and gained a level.
4 Some good news about Name [X], he is responding well to the Skill [Y] training sessions and is now Skill level [Z].

Hint for training  Tip
The coach can give a training tip for a player. This means that the player still has the greatest untrained potential in the mentioned skill. It does not mean that this skill level is the highest. The untrained potential can for example also be an improvement from disastrous to poor.

1 The current training is not the optimal one for Name [X], what he really needs is to practice Skill [Y].
2 Feel free to let your boys try different positions, but I really think you should try giving Name [X] some Skill [Y] training, too.
3 Feel free to keep training Name [X] like you do, but eventually he should also get a chance to practice his Skill [Y] skills.
4 It's always okay for a player to hone multiple skills, but in the case of Name [X] it's obvious that a focus on Skill [Y] sessions would be very productive.
5 When I see Name [X] on the practice ground, I can't shake the feeling that he really wants to train Skill [Y] instead.
6 In my opinion, Name [X] is not going to reach his potential as a player unless he gets some Skill [Y] training.
7 Mark my words, it would be a good thing to give Name [X] some Skill [Y] training before it's too late.
8 I'm not saying Name [X] isn't benefiting from the current training, just bear in mind he also has lots of room for improvement in his Skill [Y] skill.
9 Name [X] has considerable talent for Skill [Y], which he is not improving optimally with the current training regime. Think about that…

A skill isn't fully trained yet
In the mentioned skill, the player still can improve three or more skill levels (for example, from 4.7 to 7.7 or from 4.7 to 8.1). This message also reveals his current and potential skill level, please check if the current and potential skill levels on HT equals the levels on HY!
1 Name [X] has worked diligently, he's still learning Skill [Y] right now. Let him keep training this for a long time, he has the potential for it.
2 Ok, Name [X] is no star yet but there is definite potential when it comes to Skill [Y]. This boy would benefit from training that for more than a season.
3 Name [X] has better Skill [Y] now, but he could still improve a lot. If you let him focus on this for the next season or two, it will pay off.

Not fully trained skill
In the mentioned skill, the player still can improve exactly two skill levels (for example, from 4.1 to 6.1). This message also reveals his current and potential skill level.
1 Name [X] does well practicing Skill [Y]. Give him a season or so of further primary training in this skill, and you will see steady improvement.
2 We've seen some progress in the Skill [Y] capabilities of young Name [X]. In a season or so I think he will reach his potential in this skill if you give him the right training.
3 Name [X] seems to improve when it comes to Skill [Y]. You could probably give him primary training in this skill with good effect for another season or so.

Nearly fully trained skill
In the mentioned skill, the player can still improve exactly one skill level (for example, from 5.3 to 6.3). This message also reveals his current and potential skill level.
1 The sky is not the limit for everyone. Name [X] is getting steadily better at Skill [Y], but I think he'll level out in that department within the next month or so if given the proper training.
2 Good news, Name [X] is improving his Skill [Y]. Give him a few more weeks of primary training on it and he'll be ready to fly.
3 Name [X] is getting on well with the Skill [Y] training. I'd say he'll be fully trained in it with just a few more weeks of primary training.

Skill fully trained  Tip
The player can not improve in this skill anymore, not even in the subskill. Should there be more fully trained players that were not reported by the coach yet, the player that receives the comment will be randomly picked. If the current and the potential skill is known, the fully trained skill of the player will be indicated in Hattrick by a yellow bar.

1 I don't think the youth team is the right place for Name [X] anymore. At least when it comes to Skill [Y], he's simply unable to improve anymore.
2 Now I am positive that Name [X] can't learn more in the youth academy when it comes to Skill [Y].
3 Name [X] is not going to respond to Skill [Y] training anymore.

Most untrained potential  Tip
This player can learn the most in all skills together. This means that he can learn more than your other players. In what skills this is, you have to find out yourself.

1 Don't be fooled by what you saw on the pitch this week - I still think Name [X] is one of our more promising players.
2 It's quite obvious that Name [X] hasn't received the right training in the past, and that he could benefit a lot from the proper attention.
3 Try to find the right spot on the team for Name [X], there's a lot of soccer in that kid.
4 There's a lot of raw talent in Name [X]. I'm sure he can improve, but you can't really say yet if he is star material.
5 In my opinion, Name [X] has the potential to improve considerably, he just needs someone to give him a chance.
6 Name [X] is undeveloped at the moment, but it could be worth giving him special attention in the training sessions.
7 Don't give up on Name [X], boss. I'm sure he has a lot of soccer in him.
8 I wouldn't say Name [X] is necessarily much of a player today, but in contrast to some of the other boys, he certainly has potential for improvement.
9 You could see from Name [X]'s sessions this week that he still has a lot to learn, but that he does have the potential.

Player performance  Tip
The player played better than his current skills, he played up to his potential.

1 I'm sure you noticed that Name [X] had an unusually good game this week. Let's hope he can learn how to play more consistently at that level.
2 I hope you saw Name [X] play this week, he gave one of his best performances for the team so far.
3 I liked the way Name [X] gave his all in our last game. I hope to see him play like that again sometime soon.
4 It was great to see Name [X] in this week's game, he really gave us everything.
5 Name [X] had a stellar game this week, don't forget to mention that to him.
6 In this week's game, Name [X] played close to his potential. Very well done!
7 Name [X] had a delightful game this week, he fought harder than any of our other players.
8 Name [X] played an attractive game this week, I haven't seen him do that well before.
9 Did you see Name [X] in this week's game? He did really well, given his capacity.

Potential - Very very much untrained potential
The player can still learn very much in all skills.
1 Name [X] is a player that will need lots of training before he reaches his true overall potential.
2 Overall, Name [X] really needs more training if you want him at his maximum potential.
3 Don't give up on Name [X], he still has so much to learn.
4 Don't expect any miracles with Name [X]. On the whole, he can still improve, but he will need quite a lot of training.
5 Name [X]? Might not look too impressive yet, but at least he still has a good overall capacity to learn.

Potential - Very much untrained potential
The player is fully trained in about 3 seasons. Until then, he can still improve in all skills.
1 Name [X] has a lot of raw potential, but you need to give him varied training for several seasons to see the results. Maybe you don't have the time in his case.
2 To be honest, I'm not sure Name [X] will be able to reach his overall potential in the youth academy, no matter how much he trains.
3 Name [X] has the capacity to keep improving in the youth team - for seasons and seasons. It's your call if he is worth it...

Potential - Much untrained potential
The player is fully trained in about two seasons. Until then, he can still improve in all skills.
1 Name [X] has lots of unused potential. Even with just the right training regime, he will need seasons to realize all of it.
2 Name [X] definitely needs several more seasons with the youth squad to reach his overall potential.
3 You will have to keep Name [X] in the youth team for a long, long time, if you want him to show his true potential here.

Potential - Untrained potential
The player is fully trained in about one season. Until then, he can still improve in all skills.
1 Give Name [X] some more time, he has the potential to improve for at least another season if you give him the right training sessions.
2 In the case of Name [X], he would need at least another season of training before he is finished here with us.
3 There is certainly still some potential in Name [X]. Leave him to me, he could be fully trained in a season or so but you might need to change training types to achieve that.
4 You won't see the best of Name [X] until you've given him a season or more of training.

Potential - Very little untrained potential
In less than a season, he will be fully trained, if he gets specifically trained. Therefore examine carefully whether he can improve anyway, in skills that are interesting for you.
1 If you like Name [X], let's keep him - he still has a few skills that can be improved in the youth team.
2 Name [X] is a player that can still learn a few tricks, but he is already close to his overall potential.
3 About Name [X] - he's still got a few things to learn overall, but you won't see any spectacular improvements there.

Potential - Almost no untrained potential
The player can only learn very little in separate and overall skills. He will be fully trained in significantly less than one season, if he gets specifically trained.
1 If you want Name [X] to progress at all, he'll soon need to train with the senior team.
2 Name [X] seems to be approaching the overall limit for what we can teach him at the youth level. Either give him a chance in the senior team soon, or dump him.
3 I don't think we can teach Name [X] that much more overall in the Youth Academy, boss.

Most potential  Tip
This player is one of the three players with the greatest potential. The potential is calculated from all maximum achievable skills. This means that once the player is fully trained, he is one of your best players.

1 Compared to his teammates, Name [X] has an exceptional maximum potential.
2 Maybe you know it and maybe you don't... but Name [X] is one of the best players this academy can create.
3 If we consider both current skill and future potential, Name [X] is clearly one of the kids on the team that could have the brightest career.

Character - High leadership abilities
This player has a leadership of "passable" or "solid" (6-7).
1 Name [X] is the player I need to convince first to get my ideas through to the team.
2 After a bad game, Name [X] is often the first to shake off his disappointment and start talking about the next match.
3 He's just a boy, but Name [X] has a very commanding presence on the field. The other kids look up to him.
4 When the boys don't know what to think about something, they tend to turn to Name [X] for his opinion.

Character - Low leadership abilities
This player has a leadership of "disastrous" or "wretched" (1-2).
1 Not everyone can be a leader, can they? Name [X] was born to follow…
2 Name [X] won't ever be captain material, but could very well be a competent team player.
3 Name [X] is a trooper - quick to get in line and do what he is told.
4 Name [X] is a sweet kid, but never expect him to lead the team if the going gets tough.

Aggressiveness - Combative
This player is "temperamental" or "fiery" (3-4).
1 Name [X] has a very rough attitude, both on and off the pitch. That could get him into trouble…
2 I don't get Name [X], he's always the first to pick a fight!
3 Name [X] is one of those players that adds a lot of fighting spirit on the team, but sometimes he overdoes it.
4 We had to pull Name [X] out of a fight again this week. That kid never learns.

Aggressiveness - Laid-back
This player is "tranquil" or "calm" (0-1).
1 While he has other qualities, sometimes I wish Name [X] would be more involved emotionally on the pitch.
2 Name [X] has a very long fuse, never really gets in a fight.
3 One thing I can say about Name [X] is that he is very calm and centered.
4 Name [X] is such a fine young boy, never gives us any headaches in training. Loves his mother too.

Character - Infamous
This player is "infamous" or "dishonest" (0-1).
1 Name [X] didn't show up for training on time, then he lied about the reasons. Make a note of that, coach.
2 Name [X] has many good qualities, but trustworthiness isn't one of them. He takes after his father, perhaps.
3 Although it has given us a few goals, you should talk to Name [X] about sporting ethics. He falls over a lot.
4 Name [X] is a sweet boy, but he doesn't play a fair game. It could cause some trouble down the line…

Character - Righteous
This player is "upright" or "righteous" (3-4).
1 Name [X] is a stand up guy. I like him.
2 In this week's game, Name [X] confessed to a foul that the referee didn't spot. Maybe that's overdoing it, but it's still nice to see that some youngsters still have moral fiber.
3 You can always trust Name [X] to give you his honest opinion about the situation in the team, that's valuable I think.
4 You never see Name [X] taking a dive on the field. You've got to respect the kid for that.

Speciality - Head
1 We've got a natural head specialist in Name [X].
2 I like Name [X]'s ability in the air.
3 Name [X] has a good head on his shoulders... and I'm not saying that he's particularly smart.

Speciality - Quick
1 Amazing speed in those little feet. Name [X] has got great pace.
2 Let's hope Name [X] finds a way to exploit that speed of his.
3 Name [X] is one of the quicker players we've got - especially when the snacks are served!

Speciality - Technical
1 You know, Name [X] seems to have a love affair with the ball, it warms my heart to see it.
2 Great technique in such a young boy. Yes, I'm talking about Name [X].
3 Name [X] has a natural way with the ball, I'm telling you.

Speciality - Unpredictable
1 Name [X] is kind of unpredictable, it makes him stand out.
2 Name [X] is an atypical player - sometimes that's good, sometimes it's plain dangerous.
3 Name [X] is one of those players that can create a chance out of nothing sometimes.

Speciality - Powerful
1 I wouldn't want to be caught between Name [X] and a stray ball. This boy could bring down anyone.
2 I think Name [X] is a fine specimen. He has a nice, physical style.
3 Name [X] is a big boy, but he can be a bit slow at times.

Speciality - Regainer
1 The wounds of Name [X] heal like magic.
2 The ability of Name [X] to heal is really remarkable.
3 Doctors are almost redundant when it comes to Name [X]. He just heals so fast.

Specialty - Support
1 I like how Name [X] tries to support those around him. When it works, it can really lift the team.
2 I've noticed how Name [X] always brings out the best in his teammates, both on and off the pitch. It’s a valuable trait in a player.
3 It would be easy to miss out on someone like Name [X], because he is rarely the center of attention. But if you look more closely at his games, he seems to make everyone around him better.

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