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Online: 36, Registered: 24,792
Senior Season: 81/7

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Last updated: 2022/05/19 03:45
Users 24,792 Youth players 799,428
Teams 35,666 Number of rejected players 2,581,353
Total Players 2,861,923 Number of scouted players who have been previously rejected by another manager 12,285
Matches 3,776,936 Number of players marked as twins 867,284
Performances 42,955,159 Players fired from youth squad 715,480
Coach comments 10,753,673 Promoted players 1,430,961
Scout comments 6,014,705 Players still playing in the senior team 286,680
Matches / Team 152.34 Players fired from senior team 462,422
Performances / Team 1,204.37 Players sold from senior team 608,156
Performances / Match 11.37 Sales revenue through sold players 250,512 million €
Percentage of Hattrick Supporters 71.93% Revenue / Player 411,920 €

Source code size 179,705 kB (Ø 26.37 kB / Source code file)
Source code rows 1,001,847 (Ø 146.98 / Source code file)
Source code chars 184,018,313 (Ø 26,997.99 / Source code file)
Source code files 6,816
Size of database 73.67 GB
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