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Partners We check in cooperation with Hattrick Portal Tracker if your player might have the chance to make the U20 national team. If he does you are asked to register your player with Hattrick Portal Tracker as soon as he has been promoted to your senior team.
Additionally, Hattrick Portal Tracker fetches all promoted (former youth) players who were on a HY scouting favorite list, from HY. Hattrick Portal Tracker adds these players to the tracker and the senior scouts can find them in the list of Alerts "New players". Foxtrick (a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera) has well-known functions/tweaks for Hattrick and several smaller functions for youthclub users too.
  1. The number of possible twins is already shown on
  2. When you reveal the training report in Hattrick, it will be sent to us automatically.
  3. When you reject a scout proposal in Hattrick, information about the rejected player will be sent to us automatically.
  4. When you change the training type in HT, it will be sent to us automatically. Thus we can suggest the right training types during match import.
  5. The current skill levels, max skill levels, subskills, and specialties only known thanks to HY are shown on HT as well. Tactics.Se helps you export your lineup, so you can show it to other users (e.g. on forums).