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Get to know the number of league matches a youth player needs for a a skill-up using a specific (primary) training.

→ Training-speed calculator

Age [years.days]
Skill level
0 ⇒ 13.673.914.184.464.765.095.435.80
1 ⇒ 24.214.494.795.125.475.846.236.65
2 ⇒ 34.695.015.355.716.106.516.957.42
3 ⇒ 45.135.475.846.246.667.117.598.11
4 ⇒ 55.505.886.286.707.157.648.168.71
5 ⇒ 65.836.236.657.107.588.098.649.22
6 ⇒ 76.106.526.967.437.938.479.049.65
7 ⇒ 86.326.757.217.698.228.779.3710.00
8 ⇒ 8.10.630.680.720.770.820.880.941.00
The numbers show how many league matches with primary training are necessary to raise a skill by one level. To find out training speed for secondary training or friendly matches you have to divide these numbers by the percentaged factor, which can be set in your account settings.

We keep adjusting the training speed table continuously. If you want to embed the training speed table into your website, then please contact us. We'll provide an interface, so that the training speed table on your website will always be up to date.

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