Welcome to hattrick youthclub
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This application uses information from the online game service This use has been approved by Hattrick Ltd, the publishers and copyright owners of
Welcome to hattrick youthclub
This application uses information from the online game service This use has been approved by Hattrick Ltd, the publishers and copyright owners of 'hattrick youthclub' is a browser-based tool for managing your youth academy that provides support for analyzing the data. You can manage all current and former youth players, all league and friendly matches including the player ratings and coach comments.

But there's more to it than that. Scout and coach comments are clearly laid out and all current and potential skill levels of your players are listed. You can see at a glance if a player has reached his maximum skill level or how far away from it he is.

Do you want to know which position is best for a certain player or if a player fits your training concept at the senior team? Do you want to see all known skill levels for a specific skill of all your current players at a glance or analyze the player skills based on the training notes within a second? Then the skill analyzer provides all the support you need and it is improving day by day because our player data pool is growing steadily.

But that's not all: Furthermore 'hattrick youthclub' offers many useful features like showing you if or when you could promote a player to your senior team and you'll be reminded if a player will reach the age of 19 shortly or has already reached it.
A profit and loss statement of your youth academy shows you quickly how profitable your academy is. Additionally you'll discover a lot of tiny useful features which improve the manageability of your youth academy.

We're working continuously on the improvement of this tool. It's worth taking a look at the news regularly to stay up to date.

Hattrick Youthclub is CHPP licensed and all available CHPP services are implemented!
Please note, when using 'Login with Google' on HT-side the data exchange with Hattrick via CHPP (using oAuth) does not work right now. You will end in a loop of granting HY CHPP permissions. We have reported that issue to HT on June 26th and are still waiting for a response from HT. Feel free to report that issue to your local GM as well.
You can switch from Google Login to regular Login on HT. Then you have to remove HY from the list of CHPP applications you have granted access to on HT. Afterwards you should be able to grant access on HY again and use HY :).

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Friendly Pool: improvements email notification2023/07/09
Automatic grouping of players2023/04/01
Support for custom currencies and exchange rates2023/03/18
Lineup Recommendation: Highlight Played-To-Potential Stars2023/03/13
Player Update Dialog for Star Ratings2022/09/18
show subskills for promoted and fired players2022/09/05