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Donation / Buy Credits

If you are a user of Hattrick Youthclub please login first, so we can credit your donation to your account.
Possible things to buy, from HY, with the credits:
  • Turn ad banners off and create your own shortcuts! [3 Credits / Call]
  • Embed the calendar via iCal/ICS into your smartphone or your mail/organizer software! [20 Credits / Update]
  • Learn more about the possible Hattrick Youth Player Careers of your players. [60 Credits / Week / Team]
  • Get an estimation for missing current skill levels, if possible! [60 Credits / Week / Team]
Directly after your donation all the advantages you have as a hy-supporter are activated. If you do not want to use certain features or only partially, you can set this in your settings.
Also with your second team you can use these advantages and you can configure them separately. Note that by default all advantages are instantly activated for new second teams.
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If you want to buy credits for another user, click on the following link and search for the user:
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